Chichen Itza Branding


Fall 2019


Graphic Design Synthesis


Logo Design, Print Design, Branding

Final Booklet

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The Concept

Over the course of a semester, I had the task of designing a new brand for a UNESCO World Heritage site of my choice to experience the mechanics of creating a complete brand identity. I was interested in working on a site that had some significance to me and my Mexican heritage, which is why I chose the Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen Itza as my project.

Logo and Branding

It took me a few weeks to figure out how I wanted to approach the branding for the site. I did some research into the location of Chichen Itza and it’s history. After sketching out a few logos, I decided that the best image for the logo would be El Castillo, the iconic step pyramid at the heart of Chichen Itza. There were specific aspects of the pyramid I knew I had to keep in the logo, like the 9 terraces and the temple at the summit.

After solidifying the logo, I designed a complete set of branding materials for Chichen Itza. I kept El Castillo as the major symbol of the branding, but I also brought in a few other elements of the site to identify other historic aspects of the site and round out the brand as a whole.

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