Spring 2015


Design Process


Website Redesign

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The Concept

Two of my peers and I were given the task of solving a problem within my university’s community by designing or redesigning a product. My group decided to redesign the university’s course registration process and the corresponding website.

Designing the User Experience

In the process of designing the user experience of our redesigned website, we utilized many of the common UX practices, such as user interviews, personas, and empathy mapping.

We took the information we received from the four interviews that we conducted and created personas based on each of the interviewees, placing their comments into categories to make their responses easier to visualize.

To make sure we designed every page necessary, we sketched out the sitemap for the website. This is an early sketch for what we wanted the final design of our website to resemble, including arrows that show how the user can get to different pages by clicking the links on each of the pages.

Final Redesign Screens