Placester Co-op


Spring 2017


UX Design Co-op


UX/UI Design, User Research

The Company

Placester, Inc. is a software start-up in Boston that has created a web platform to help real estate professionals work smarter in a digital world. Their platform allows agents to quickly create and launch real estate websites for both desktop and mobile, complete with fully-integrated MLS listing data. During my 6 month co-op at Placester, I was a part of the 4-person design team at the company.

User Interface Designs

The main role of the design team was to create new user interface designs for the company's products, including their website templates and admin panel, their CRM for agents to communicate with their leads, and their mobile iOS app. During my time at the company, I was able to work on the designs for new features for each of these products that have now been implemented.

Screenshots of designs I created for the mobile app

New site navigation I designed

Previous iteration of the site navigation

Persona Workshop

At the begining of my third month at Placester, the design team held a two-day persona workshop to help the product, UX, and marketing teams better identify our customers and what their behaviors are. I helped facilitate and better define parts of the workshop within my group. We had individuals from every team in the company - product, engineering, sales, support - participate over the two days and helped to create completed personas that were then posted in the office for people to read.

Two of the final personas created during the workshop

Company Color Palette

During the last few months of my co-op, a few of the senior designers thought it would be beneficial for the company to update the look of its platform and branding. We each worked on different aspects of the redesign, and I decided to take on the task of coming up with a new color palette. I had never worked this closely with a brand's colors before, but I wanted to challenge myself and learn something new. In the end, with guidance and critiques from the other designers, I created a new, refined color palette for the company that has already started to be used in marketing materials.

I started my exploration by looking at all of the colors we were currently using across our products. Through that process, I found that we were using far too many colors than we had even realized, making the color refinement I was doing a greater necessity for the company.

The next step of my exploration was finding the colors I wanted to use. There were a few essential brand colors that I wanted to keep, so I went searching for colors that I felt would complement the ones I was keeping as well as creating two levels of grayscale for use as text colors and backgrounds. I went wide with my search, at first, before refining and drilling into the final colors.

Final Refined Color Palette