Spring 2016


Programming Basics


Procesing, Application Development

The Concept

Because of my love for the Pokémon video game series, I wanted to use my new knowledge of the Processing language to create an application that would help people who play the games easily create new teams and see how they stand up to other pokémon.

Designing the User Experience

When it comes to putting together a complete team of pokémon, which consists of a total of 6, to send out into battle it’s not always easy to figure out of it’s balanced or if, as a whole, there are types that it is weak against.

That’s what I hoped to solve with PokéTeam. I wanted to create an application that would make checking the stats of anywhere from one pokémon to a complete team simple and easy to understand.

There are web apps online, such as in the following image, that try to explain whether or not a team is balanced, but the way that they show the team’s statistics is not easily understandable. I knew that for my application, I would need to make the information more visual so that they could be read more easily.

Design Iterations

I went through a few iterations of how I would depict the information for the effectiveness of types against a team. I tested these out on others, some that knew pokémon and others that didn’t, just to see how they read the data visualization.

Final Application

Note: Certain pokémon are immune to certain types, which is indicated when some sectors become completely empty.